Prada Paris Animations



All videos of this project were produced while working at New York based design studio 2x4 during the years 2014-2015, under guidance of art director Ryan Weafer. The videos were produced exclusively for Prada's flagship store in Paris and were shown on a giant 23 HD screen installation as well as smaller HD screens at the store.


Polycarbonate plastic sheets were the key visual element at the fashion show so it were used as an initial inspiration for this video as well. A bunch of different video filters were created to manipulate and distort the footage of the fashion show and the footage from the Resort 2016 campaign as well.



The videos transform Prada's FW15 'Infinite Palace’ showspace to give it more depth and a strong feeling of infinity. The rooms are combined with the abstract sci-fi imagery in ‘Infinite Space’ video to reflect the ‘Galactic Empire’ concept which was presented with the giant wallpaper 2x4 studio made for Prada’s flagship New York store on Broadway. In ‘Chameleon Walls’ video the rooms become an infinite space tunnel where the colors of the walls are changing depending on the pieces that models are wearing.



The SS15 fashion show intervention video shows fashion show footage mixed with the color blocks created by making pixel stretching distortions to actual fashion show footage. These blending color blocks and bars reveal the overall coloration of the looks presented at SS15 fashion show. Abstract Prada logo animations are animated based on the mood and color palette of the SS15 advertising campaign and the SS15 collection as well.



The Resort 2015 campaign video interventions are presenting some specific aspects of the campaign video in a different way by modifying, repeating, slowing and in general - reinterpreting the original footage. ‘Infinite Trees’ creates a dark, spooky infinite forest imagery, models almost become an archaic living sculptures in a ‘Slow Motion’ intervention, and ‘Pixel Stretch’ video emphasizes stripes, plaids and all kind of other clothing patterns by creating pixel stretch distortions in certain parts of the frame.